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Monday, January 10, 2011

+ GPU in the house! With Mathematica

In[4]:= CUDAInformation[1] //TableForm


Name->GeForce GTS 450
Clock Rate->1566000
Compute Capabilities->2.1
GPU Overlap->1
Maximum Block Dimensions->{1024,1024,64}
Maximum Grid Dimensions->{65535,65535,1}
Maximum Threads Per Block->1024
Maximum Shared Memory Per Block->49152
Total Constant Memory->65536
Warp Size->32
Maximum Pitch->2147483647
Maximum Registers Per Block->32768
Texture Alignment->512
Multiprocessor Count->4
Core Count->128
Execution Timeout->1
Can Map Host Memory->False
Compute Mode->Default
Texture1D Width->65536
Texture2D Width->65536
Texture2D Height->65535
Texture3D Width->2048
Texture3D Height->2048
Texture3D Depth->2048
Texture2D Array Width->16384
Texture2D Array Height->16384
Texture2D Array Slices->2048
Surface Alignment->512
Concurrent Kernels->False
ECC Enabled->False
Total Memory->1073283072

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